Gentleman Farmer is a woman-owned men's grooming line, dedicated to crafting high-quality, sustainable products. The company was recently launched by a husband-and-wife team based in Upstate New York. Kevin, a real estate entrepreneur, had used bar soap for hair/face/body for his first 42 years. Then Maude, who is a veteran of the beauty industry, moved in and brought with her enough product to fill a shop. Despite his initial skepticism, Kevin realized that products were not only fun but made a difference in how he looked and felt. But he couldn't find products that spoke to him, so Maude saw an opportunity and developed them. From there, the line was born.

So who or what is a Gentleman Farmer? The short answer is he is a little bit of everything. Our OG Gentleman Farmer is Thomas Jefferson: a statesman, diplomat, inventor, lawyer, gourmand, oenophile and of course, farmer. We are constantly inspired by this insatiable curiosity and unflappable work ethic - particularly when rewarded with fine wine. We see the modern Gentleman Farmer as someone who is as comfortable in the boardroom as chopping wood. He loves the outdoors during the day but prefers to spend the night in a hotel. He enjoys the simple pleasure of the perfect tomato but also the finer things like a 12-year Pappy. He always chooses quality over quantity, so our products are simple to use yet efficacious.