Gentleman Farmer is a men's grooming brand dedicated to high-quality, clean and mindfully created products for values-driven men. Launched by a husband-and-wife team based in Upstate New York, the brand was created out the meeting of two worlds.

Like most guys, Maude’s husband had used bar soap all his life for hair, face and body. After all, soap was soap and it made for a very neat shower shelf. Then he met Maude, a veteran of the NYC beauty industry. When she moved upstate to join him, Maude brought enough grooming products to fill a shop and her husband quickly realized how these higher-end, target-specific products made a difference in how he looked and felt. But he wanted products that spoke directly to him, and Maude saw the opportunity for a mens grooming brand designed for the modern guy who still knows how to get his hands dirty. 

Though not farmers, they appreciate the country life, access to locally grown food and supporting their farm community wherever possible. And as they developed the line, they realized that the same approach of honest, organic and sustainable ingredients could not only inform their products, it could define the brand itself.

From the simple need to up a grooming game—and a crowded shower shelf—Gentlemen Farmer was born.

Now lets talk about dirty and clean. Theres a long and noble tradition in this country of getting the job done and your hands dirty. America was built on the hard work of its farmers and their families. Cleaning up after … well, theres also a long tradition of looking and smelling good. 

Our Gentleman Farmer understands this.


About Him

So, who exactly is the Gentleman Farmer? 

While not all gentlemen are farmers, if you’ve ever watched a farmer help a breeched lamb into the world, quietly leave a dozen eggs for a needy family, or tip his hat to each passing car as he tractors down the road; you could say that all farmers are gentlemen. 

The standard definition of a gentleman farmer is “someone who farms for pleasure rather than profit,” and we admire this dedication to hard work and food cultivation for its own sake. We also like to think of him as something of a Renaissance Man (think Ben Franklin), whose interests, talents and knowledge run the spectrum of well, man stuff. Whether leading a meeting in the boardroom, chopping wood for the cabin, or fixing just about anything, he is capable with the task at hand. When it comes to pleasure, he appreciates the simple joy of the perfect tomato from his garden, but also the finer things like a 12-year Pappy. 

And as “gentleman” implies, he is kind to others and the planet, which is why sustainable development and giving back is at the core of what we do. 

Put simply, a Gentleman Farmer:

  • doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone but will offer help and advice where he thinks it can matter. 
  • has no need to boast about his accomplishments but will feely share the fruits and wisdom of those labors. 
  • keeps his own council but will listen to and respect the opinion of those around him. 

He is the modern embodiment of the neighboring farmer—there when you need him to be with a helpful hand, a strong back or a sympathetic shoulder.

And he likes to smell good.