Gentleman Farmer

Wood Paneled Library Candle


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Whether it’s a quiet moment with an almanac or a good sip of something strong, this timeless scent will help complete the chapter of a long, hard day in whatever field you worked in. Includes notes of Bergamot, Vetiver, Leather and Spices. 

Our candles are designed to be subtle and not overpower or overwhelm you. They offer a 55-hour burn time, are hand-poured by refugee women in Western Massachusetts and are made from a soy-coconut wax blend.

Fun Fact: the smell of old books is due to the organic materials in books (like cellulose from wood pulp) reacting with light, heat and water, that over time, releases volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air. 

VOCs can be used to date older books. 

Size8.3 oz / 235g

Our packaging is not only chic but consciously produced:

The cartons are produced locally by Diamond Packaging, a woman-owned company, in a wind-powered, zero-waste-certified facility. The paper used is 100% PCW, FSC-certified and produced with 100% green energy.

The labels are made with 100% PCR paper vellum.

• We use a soy-coconut wax blend. Candles are traditionally made of paraffin, which is actually a fossil fuel derivative.

We think that our vessels are so chic that you'll want to reuse them again and again. To do so, we recommend the following technique:

  1. Remove the remaining wax and wick; a spoon is helpful here.
  2. Fill with boiling water into the glass to melt remnants and let cool so that you do not burn yourself. 
  3. Freeze the glass with the water. Remove from freezer and thaw slightly so that you can remove the ice. Rinse the glass, and then wash again with soap and water or put in the dishwasher. 
  4. Pour yourself a bourbon (or beverage of choice) and relax because you earned it. 
  5. Can also be used to store loose change or start tomato seeds.

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