Gentleman Farmer

Imperfect Camp Adirondack Candle


Because of some shipping issues, some of our Camp Adirondack Candles arrived a little damaged, with scuffed labels/vessels, and wax defects. Since sustainability is at the heart of what we do - relabeling would require time, energy, more shipping, and more labels - we thought we would simply offer them to you at a discount. 

Like the crackle of a campfire or the wail of a loon on a northern lake, our understated candle helps you relax and feel at peace. Includes notes of Sandalwood, which has been used ceremoniously for centuries, and Oakmoss for a touch of luxury. 

Fun Fact: the Adirondack Park (commonly referred to as "the Adirondacks") is a 9e state park in Upstate New York. As the largest protected area in the lower 48 states, it is:

  • larger than Yosemite, Yellowstone, and Grand Canyon Parks combined
  • could hold six million football fields
  • would fall between New Hampshire and Vermont as the 45th largest state
  • smells great

Our candles are designed to be subtle and not overpower or overwhelm you. They offer a 55-hour burn time, are hand-poured by refugee women in Western Massachusetts, and are made from a soy-coconut wax blend.

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