Our Values

At our core, Gentleman Farmer is a family company trying to do some good. We strive to make products that are healthier for humans and for the planet. We are committed to sustainable practices - in both our business and personal life - whenever possible:

  • We use minimal plastic and avoid unnecessary packaging.
  • We avoid palm oil and fossil fuel-derived ingredients.
  • We offset our carbon through our partnership with CarbonFund.org.
  • We are certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny.
  • We choose to work with small or local businesses who share our values. For example, check out this video about our candle makers here.
  • Even our commitment to a streamlined product assortment reflects our desire to have minimal impact instead of maximum profits.

As a start-up, we do not have the cash or the opportunities to be as sustainable/eco-friendly as we would like. That said, we promise to continue to evolve, always looking for innovative ways to help the planet. And we love learning, so please share ideas with us.

Additionally, we will raise awareness about agricultural issues. We are not farmers, but we have nothing but respect and admiration for them. What job could be more important than feeding us, keeping us alive? To us, this is the essence of our human family.